Hacking APIs for Fun & Profit

By SanDdmin762 / October 6, 2022

Join Colin Domoney, Developer Advocate at 42Crunch in discussion with Adrian and Bogdan Tiron, Managing Partners at FORTBRIDGE as they discuss their careers as pen testers, and in particular their recent experiences in testing and exploiting API-based products.

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Review of the Major API Breaches from H1 2022 – Episode 1

By SanDdmin762 / June 21, 2022

This is a two-part webinar series on the global API breaches from H1 2022 that made the news. The second part of this webinar series explores how to defend against common API security breaches covered in the first part of the series. Join Colin Domoney (42Crunch security researcher and curator of the newsletter) to understand how to use defensive techniques to protect APIs. This practical and interactive webinar will illuminate how APIs can be protected against common attack types and real-world exploits.

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