WEBINAR: Protecting Microservices APIs with 42Crunch API Firewall 

In loosely coupled architectures, we must put in place application level security, should it be for client traffic (North-South) or intra-microservices traffic (East-West).

In this webinar, we show you how the 42Crunch API firewall can be used to put API threat protection in place automatically, as early as design time.

We’ll use a mix of slides and demos to present:

  • The various elements of security to consider in order to cover the full API security scope (infrastructure vs application level security)
  • Which threat protections must be put in place in a microservices architecture, and where
  • How to leverage OpenAPI (aka Swagger) to configure threat protection from design time
  • How to automate threat protection deployment

February 20th | 11am PST / 2pm EST


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