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42Crunch is built by developers to enable a developer-first approach to securing APIs. 42Crunch offers both an OpenAPI (Swagger) Editor and API Audit for VSCode, Intellij and Eclipse Integrated Developer Environments (IDE). These developer friendly extensions  make security a seamless part of the development lifecycle without sacrificing speed or innovation.

OpenAPI (Swagger) Editor

Join 500k+ other developers using our free extensions to create and edit OpenAPI definition files in JSON or YAML. The 42Crunch OpenAPI editor is packed with useful features which make it easier to edit OpenAPI contracts, such as: easy navigation, preview, quick fixes and the try it function that invokes operations defined in your OpenAPI file directly from VS Code. Developers using 42Crunch get to incorporate security into their APIs at design time. 

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Audit OpenAPI file in your IDE

The editor also comes with an additional integration to the 42Crunch audit or linter tool, API Audit, that checks for issues in security, data validation and specification format from within the editor.  The audit runs inside their favorite IDEs and generates a real-time summary audit report in the same environment. These audit reports enable developers to work more efficiently by quickly identifying flaws, making bulk fixes and reducing security risks.

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