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42Crunch helps developers make security a seamless part of the development lifecycle without having to sacrifice speed or innovation. Our tools run in the developers’ favorite native environments to help them build better OpenAPI contracts and more secure APIs.

Make security a seamless part of the API development lifecycle

42Crunch makes any developer a security champion. With our easy-to-use, integrated set of tools, you can audit your API contract against 300+ security vulnerabilities, we’ll rank them by severity level and tell you exactly how to fix them.

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Spend less time fixing and more time innovating

API auditing and scanning become automated checks ensuring that insecure code never makes it to the master branch and production deployment. Runtime protection policies are automatically redeployed with each API change so you can stay agile without compromising security.

Seamless collaboration via our plugins for your favorite tools

Integrate our Free Plugins right into the integrated development environment (IDE), and continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools. Developers can work across teams on one platform, easily collaborate without errors, with the freedom they want and the visibility that security and operation teams need.

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Empathy for the API Developer

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Colin Domoney

Colin Domoney addresses the disconnect between development and security teams and explains the key challenges facing developers in creating secure API code.

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