Empathy for the API Developer

Colin Domoney from 42Crunch, in his recent article on DevOps.com, addresses the disconnect between development and security teams and explains the key challenges facing developers in creating secure API code. Better understanding of the challenges on both sides can help create greater empathy which in turn can help foster greater collaboration.

“..Security teams have always been perceived as an impediment to delivery by software teams who feel that security imposes arbitrary and unreasonable policies and use poorly-integrated tools that are beset with high false-positive rates. With the advent of DevOps, security has been seen as an increasing obstacle to rapid deployment cycles. 

Security teams believe developers do not care about security and will try their best to avoid security controls or policies. Security teams are often frustrated by developer pushback when remediating vulnerabilities, particularly when they fail to appreciate the cascading effects of making code and dependency changes late in the life cycle.

From my perspective, with a foot in both camps and a decade of experience helping developers produce more secure code, I believe the key to addressing the disconnect between teams is to develop greater empathy for the developer..”

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