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Our API security tools are available directly as extensions on the most popular IDE and CI/CD platforms you use on a daily basis. They can be used to create, edit, lint and audit OpenAPI contracts.  They can also run dynamic testing on the API for security vulnerabilities and conformance to the OpenAPI contract. Our API tools also integrate with multiple gateway, runtime and monitoring platforms.  The following tools are available either completely free, free with limited use or on free trial. Get started today.

OpenAPI (Swagger) Editor

Create and edit OpenAPI definition files using the Free OpenAPI Swagger editor directly in your favorite IDE. Enjoy features such as Quick fixes, Try it (test live endpoints) and Preview features and supports OpenAPI definition files in JSON or YAML format. Also, lint and audit the OpenAPI file with the API Audit (see below). Join 1M+ other developers using these free extensions.

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API Audit

API Audit tool audits and lints the OpenAPI contract based on three areas: Security; Data validation and openAPI format. This tool provides an instant score out of 100. The tool is available across a number of platforms IDE, CI/CD, Online and as part of the 42Crunch Platform. Check out our Freemium Offering where we offer API Audit and API Scan with limited free monthly usage.

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42Crunch Platform

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Automatically locates your OpenAPI definition files in your repository and scores each OpenAPI contract.

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