API Security Testing Identify security flaws and vulnerabilities

API Security Testing is enforced by the 42Crunch API Security platform as part of a comprehensive
design time-based shift-left positive security model.

Shift-Left to Enable API Security Testing at Design Time

Because APIs are specified earliest in the SDLC and have a defined contract (via an OpenAPI / Swagger specification) they are ideally suited to a preemptive “shift left” security testing approach. 42Crunch enables the testing of the OpenAPI contract and underlying implementation in a developer IDE as a standalone activity.

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Audit your API for OWASP API Top 10 Vulnerabilities

42Crunch automatically performs a static analysis of your API definitions against the OpenAPI (Swagger) definition file to ensure the definition adheres to the specification and to catch any security issues your API might contain as per the OWASP API Top 10. A report is auto-generated capturing vulnerabilities such as mass assignment, data/exception leakage, weak authentication schemes, injection vulnerabilities and lack of resource control.

Dynamic Runtime Testing of your APIs

In addition to static testing, 42Crunch also offers dynamic testing of your API and the relevant specification. We simulate real API traffic with randomly generated requests and parameters to better test the API’s behavior under real-world conditions.

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Why Application Security Tools
Are Not up to the Job of API Security

Colin Domoney BW

Colin Domoney

Leverage the declarative nature of API specifications for a “shift left” approach and enforce and test API security using a positive security model.

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