API Security Testing

Identify API security flaws, risks and vulnerabilities

DevSecOps-API Security Testing

API Security Testing is enforced by the 42Crunch API Security Audit and API Conformance & Security Scan tools.  For further runtime protection, API Protect can be added.

API Security Testing During API Design & Development

Because APIs are specified earliest in the SDLC and have a defined OpenAPI contract (via OpenAPI / Swagger) they are ideally suited to a preemptive “shift left” API security testing approach. 42Crunch's API Audit enables the testing of the OpenAPI contract and API Scan enables the testing of the underlying implementation of the API. Both are available in developer IDEs and CI/CD Platforms. Try some of our free API testing tools for developer and security teams.

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Instant Scoring of the OpenAPI Contract

The 42Crunch API Security Audit automatically performs a static analysis of your OpenAPI (Swagger) definition file to ensure the definition adheres to the specification and to catch any security issues as per the OWASP API Security Top 10.

Audit Your OpenAPI Contract for OWASP API Top 10 Vulnerabilities

An API Audit report is auto-generated capturing API vulnerabilities in the OpenAPI contract such as mass assignment, data/exception leakage, weak authentication schemes, injection vulnerabilities and lack of resource control.

Free Online Audit of Your OpenAPI Contract

  • Check security of your OpenAPI (Swagger) definition file.
  • 300+ audit checks.
  • Instant report in your browser.
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Dynamic Runtime Testing of your APIs

In addition to static testing, 42Crunch also offers dynamic testing of your API using API Scan. We simulate real API traffic with randomly generated requests and parameters to better test the API’s behavior under real-world conditions and its conformance to the already audited OpenAPI contract.

See How the API Scan Works

Check out our 6 min API Scan tutorial.  The tutorial will show how to set up the API Scan, what it will check for and show the instant report that identifies the number of security issues in your API.

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Try API Scan for Free

  • Dynamic runtime testing that simulates real traffic to your API.
  • Tests conformance to the audited OpenAPI Contract.
  • The instant report provides automated and guided fixes in-line with code.
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Colin Domoney

Leverage the declarative nature of API specifications for a “shift left” approach and enforce and test API security using a positive security model.

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