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Turn error-prone manual API security into fool-proof deployment

Centralize. Secure. Deploy.

With 42Crunch, you can ensure that all your APIs meet a set security standard before production, scan the live API endpoints for potential vulnerabilities, and automate redeployment of runtime protection policies with each API change making sure that you can stay agile and enforce a zero-trust architecture.

Never allow unsecure APIs reach production 

Security Audit and Scanning become automated checks ensuring that unsecure APIs never make it to the master branch and production deployment, and runtime protection policies get automatically redeployed with each API change making sure that you can stay agile without compromising security. 

Consistent enforcement of threat protection policies across platforms and frameworks 

With our platform, enterprises can centrally enforce and monitor corporate security policies, using tools that have been designed both to be API-centric and to work together. Thanks to the combination of the integrated services, security teams get full visibility of the entire API portfolio, including audit grades, usage, prevented attacks, and potential vulnerabilities. 

Rules-free: automatic threat protection configuration from the API contract produced by development  

The API contract becomes the core of the positive security model of our API Firewall, and policies are tailored automatically to each and every API. This virtually eliminates false positives and false negatives and does not require training any AI for weeks on end to learn the model. The API Contract Conformance Scan completes the loop by automating tests based on the API contract, allowing you to refine both the API contract itself and the policies attached to the API. 

360 degree view of all APIs across the organization 

42Crunch gives everyone in the company a common security language and shared understanding of the APIs that the company has, their current state, security levels, production protection status, and any required further security improvements. It also integrates with standard SIEMs and security monitoring systems to provide real-time vulnerability alerts. 

Deploy Anywhere!

You can use our API firewall to equally protect north-south and east-west traffic. Thanks to its low footprint, it can be deployed at scale on any container orchestrator such as Kubernetes, Amazon ECS or Red Hat OpenShift(®).

Our runtime is fully compatible with existing API management solutions or API gateways and with microservices-based architectures. We support the sidecar proxy and gateway deployment models.

Platform Features

Learn more about each of the features in the 42Crunch API Security Platform

API Security Audit

42Crunch executes 300+ security checks against the API contract, provides detailed security scoring for prioritization, and remediation advice to help developers define the best contract possible. 

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API Conformance Scan

42Crunch Conformance Scan is a dynamic runtime testing of your API to ensure that the implementation behind your API matches the contract set out in the OpenAPI / Swagger definition of the API.

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API Firewall Protection

42Crunch Platform moves the defense from the network perimeter to in-depth directly in front of your APIs. With API Protection, you can protect each API from malicious intents with a micro-API firewall. 

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Are you protected from the OWASP API Security Top 10?

As a result of the growing threat landscape and increasing usage of APIs, the OWASP API Security Top 10 Project was launched to help companies address security vulnerabilities specific to APIs.  

Learn more about the OWASP API Security Top 10 and how 42Crunch can help and download our solutions matrix.

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Free Tools

Looking to make OpenAPI / Swagger editing easier in VS Code? Or want to check how secure your API is? Check out our free tools.

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Enabling DevSecOps

Seamless collaboration: 42Crunch gets everyone in the company speaking the same language with full visibility into all APIs. 

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Platform Tutorials

Ready to get started? We have some short video tutorials for audit, scan and protection to help get you up and running as fast as possible.

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