Analyst Reports
Reports by analyst firms on API security and the API security market landscape.


How 42Crunch Addresses Scaling Requirements for API Security in Telecommunications

Dr. Edward Amoroso, introduces how 42Crunch is uniquely positioned to address these challenges.

EMA Research Report 2023 Landscape

API Security
Debunking the Myths

EMA survey of IT & business leaders to understand  their views on API security.


Next Generation Application
Security Radar Report

This report explores the ins and outs of API security and how to protect your APIs.

kuppingercole 2021 Leadership Compass report in API Management & Security

API Management & Security
Leadership Compass Report

KuppingerCole ranks 42Crunch an overall leader in this comprehensive industry survey.



A Blueprint for Success

Understand the API Security maturity model and learn how to build out a successful API Security program for your enterprise.

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