API Capture
Automation of OpenAPI Contracts & Security Test Configurations

API Capture automates the generation of OpenAPI contracts and API security testing configurations from Postman collections and API traffic. This innovative approach expedites testing timelines, minimizes manual effort, and ensures highly secure and scalable APIs. This results in improved compliance controls and the reduction of development times and delivery costs for secure APIs.

Accelerate Innovation

API Capture, automates the often tedious tasks of writing OpenAPI contracts and testing configurations, thereby freeing up your development teams from time-consuming design and maintenance tasks. It allows your developers to focus on innovating and speeding up the delivery of APIs.

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Automate for Scale

Automation drives scalability. All of the 42Crunch platform services are built to handle the ever expanding volume of microservices and APIs of today’s digital businesses.  API Capture seamlessly integrates with the platform’s testing and protection services to deliver the scalability enterprises have come to expect from 42Crunch.

Improve API Documentation with OpenAPI Contracts

Adopt a standards-based approach built around the OpenAPI specification to ensure consistent, reliable approach adopted across all development teams. If you are worried about the quality of your existing documentation, then worry no more, catch up quickly.

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Automate Security Test Configurations

API Capture leverages typical development artifacts such as Postman collections, OpenAPI files and traffic data to automatically generate testing configurations for our API Dynamic Testing engine. Those configurations can then be used to automatically test APIs for security flaws and conformance issues.

Closing the Loop with Improved Governance

API Capture complements API Protect Firewall by capturing unknown traffic and reconciling OpenAPI definitions with real traffic. Users can easily approve changes via GitHub pull requests. This way, enterprises can quickly close the loop between what is mandated and what is actually built by development.

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