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Securely and confidently deploy your APIs by protecting them from design to production

Secure. Deploy. Protect.

The 42Crunch Platform ensures the security of an API from design to deployment, and has a low latency micro API firewall that is the fastest on the market. Operations teams can get detailed insight about attacks on APIs in production – and protect against threats – without impacting performance.

Ultra-low latency API firewall, deployable in proxy and sidecar mode

Through a fully automated platform, 42Crunch extends security beyond the edge of the enterprise to each individual microservice, protecting them with an ultra-low latency micro API firewall that can be deployed at scale.

Kubernetes-native deployment and management

42Crunch API firewall is merely 20 MB in size and when deployed in sidecar proxy mode in Kubernetes pods enforces API security with sub-millisecond overhead. This eliminates the manual process of writing and maintaining individual API security policies and enforces a zero-trust security architecture.

360 degree view of all APIs across the organization 

42Crunch gives everyone in the company a common security language and shared understanding of the APIs that the company has, their current state, security levels, production protection status, and any required further security improvements. It also integrates with standard SIEMs and security monitoring systems to provide real-time vulnerability alerts. 

Enabling DevSecOps for API Security

42Crunch gives everyone in the company a common security language and shared understanding of their APIs by making it easy to apply security policies during development, and providing continuous testing and protection throughout the entire API lifecycle. 

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Free Tools

Looking to make OpenAPI / Swagger editing easier in VS Code? Or want to check how secure your API is? Check out our free tools.

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API Security Top 10

Are you protected from the OWASP API Security Top 10? 42Crunch can help with that! We also have a free cheat sheet you can download.

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Platform Tutorials

Ready to get started? We have some short video tutorials for audit, scan and protection to help get you up and running as fast as possible.

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Developer-first solution for delivering API security as code.