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Enhancing Security for API Management and API Gateway Platforms

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API Gateways not enough for API Security

API gateways play a fundamental role in any organization’s API strategy as they act as a single entry point for interactions between apps, data and services.  The API gateway performs various functions to support and manage API usage, from authentication to rate limiting to analytics. However, API gateways were not designed to automate or scale security for APIs.


63% of C-Suite executives reported an API security breach in the last 12 months

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API Security: Latest Insights & Key Trends 2022

Automate API Security for Better API Management

Many API management platforms incorporate an API gateway with runtime security capabilities for Role Based Access Control (RBAC), traffic throttling and injection protection. However, by leveraging 42Crunch, API Gateway users can reduce manual tasks and automate security into the API DevSecOps workflow in order to get secure code quickly out the door and into production. They are able to focus on boosting API-led innovation and strategic business outcomes, while we secure their APIs.

42Crunch offers out-of-the-box integrations into several market-leading API Gateway solutions to provide improved, automated and scalable API gateway security. Technical Solution briefs describing each of these can be downloaded below:

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Axel Grosse

Axel Grosse

Find out how supplementing your API Gateway with API security testing helps you achieve API Security from the ground up.

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