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42Crunch bridges the gap between development and security.
We make it easy for developers to build and automate security into the API development pipeline. Security teams retain full visibility and control of API security policy enforcement.

Automate & Scale Your API Protection

42Crunch is a developer-first API security platform that combines shift-left protection at design and build time with shield-right runtime protection for a seamless DevSecOps experience.
The only platform to secure your APIs from design through to runtime.

API Audit

API Security Scoring

API Scan

Instant Vulnerability Remediation

API Protect

Runtime Policy Enforcement

API Security Scoring

API Audit provides instant security scoring for prioritization and remediation advice at design time to help developers define the best API contract possible.

  • 300+ security checks.
  • Actionable report with zero false positives.
  • Available from IDEs and CI/CD pipelines.
  • Instant visibility into API security status.
42Crunch API Audit

Instant Vulnerability Remediation

API Scan continually scans for API contract misconfigurations and vulnerabilities at both testing time and runtime.

  • Tests live endpoints.
  • Early detection of data or exception leakage.
  • Continuous tracking of potential vulnerabilities.
42Crunch API Scan

Runtime Policy Enforcement

API Protect offers runtime API security policy enforcement with a low footprint, containerized micro-API firewall.

  • API Protect is configured in one-click from the API contract.
  • The API Contract becomes the white list for security.
  • No need to guess via AI which traffic is valid.
  • No policies to write.
42Crunch API Protect

450,000+ Developers Use Our Tools

Industry's #1 Open API (Swagger) editor is available across your favourite IDEs.


Free developer tools

API security by design.
No manual rules. No guesswork. No false positives.

Deliver and enforce API security at speed and never let unsecure APIs reach production.

"Security the way it should be. We use 42Crunch to improve the security posture of our APIs.”

Cybersecurity Manager for Connected Car

Global Automotive Manufacturer

"While Azure Pipelines already had security testing extensions ... there had been a glaring gap of the one specifically designed for REST APIs. We are happy to see 42Crunch bridge that gap with their solution.”

Steven Murawski, Cloud Advocate


Effortless Integration

Getting up and running with 42Crunch is easy. Collaborate with the freedom you want and the visibility that security and operation teams need.

Endorsed by Analysts

"42Crunch’s ability to secure both the CI/CD pipeline & the runtime environment makes it a compelling candidate for any API security project”

Rik Turner,

“The overall score awarded to the 42Crunch API Security Platform is a 5/5 stars – the highest rating I’ve ever given a vendor thus far”

Alissa Knight,
Cybersecurity Consultant

“42Crunch could appeal to security leaders responsible for API or software security that want a comprehensive tool to protect their APIs, as well as to engage in a constructive relationship with the development teams involved”

Dionisio Zumerle,

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