Protect APIs from code to production

Your most valuable intelligence isn’t AI, it’s your developers. Empower them with tools to be the driving force behind API security. 

Don’t worry, we’ll do all the heavy lifting!

White Paper: How a DevSecOps Approach Delivers Reliable API Security
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Developer Intelligence Driven

It’s time to adopt a shift-left approach that puts the power of security in developers hands. With 42Crunch, security can be easily defined in OpenAPI contracts, tested for bad behavior, and protected by a micro API firewall with the click of a button – ensuring continuous, unparalleled protection across the entire API lifecycle.

Security Audit

Conformance Scan

API Protection

Are you protected from the OWASP API Security Top 10?

As a result of the growing threat landscape and increasing usage of APIs, the OWASP API Security Top 10 Project was launched to help companies address security vulnerabilities specific to APIs. 

Learn more about the OWASP API Security Top 10 and how 42Crunch can help.

How 42Crunch Can Help

Ready for DevSecOps

Push your OpenAPI definition to your CI/CD pipeline and automatically audit, scan and protect your API.

For Developers

Audit your OpenAPI contract against 200+ security vulnerabilities, we’ll rank them by severity level and tell you exactly how to fix them – making security a seamless part of your development lifecycle

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For Security

Enforce a zero-trust architecture by ensuring all your APIs meet a set security standard before production, scan the live API endpoints for potential vulnerabilities, and automate redeployment.

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For Operations

Ensure security of all your APIs from design to deployment, get detailed insight about attacks on APIs in production – and protect against threats – without impacting performance.

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Developer-first solution for delivering API security as code.


Want to learn more? Here are some resources to help you out!

Free Tools

Looking to make OpenAPI editing easier in VS Code? Or want to check how secure your API is? Check out our free tools.

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API Sec Encyclopedia

Information on the risks, guidelines, and fixes relating to the OpenAPI Specification. Both OAS v2 and v3 are available!

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Enabling DevSecOps

Seamless collaboration: 42Crunch gets everyone in the company speaking the same language with full visibility into all APIs. 

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