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Free API Security Testing

API Audit and API Scan are two of the core API security testing services

With API Audit you can run over 300 checks on the OpenAPI definition to ensure your API design has no security vulnerabilities.

With API Scan you can run dynamic testing on your API to make sure it conforms to the API design and is free from security vulnerabilities.

You access your free versions from VS code IDE using the 42Crunch OpenAPI editor or from the 42Crunch Plugin in GitHub Actions. We will be adding additional platforms soon.


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Freemium Usage Limitations


25 Full Audits & Scans / Month

100 Operation Audit & Scans / Month


25 Full Audits & Scans / Month

The freemium licence is designed solely for non-production use. You get 25 full security audits and scans per month in CI/CD and IDE, by full we mean the complete OpenAPI definition is audited / scanned. You also get 100 API operation audits and scans per month in the IDE only. An "operation" audit or scan is where a single operation within the OpenAPI definition can be checked for security weakness.

You can check out our Freemium FAQ page for more information

Free OpenAPI Editor

Create and edit OpenAPI definition files using the Free OpenAPI Swagger editor directly in your favorite IDE. Enjoy features such as Quick fixes, Try it (test live endpoints) and Preview features and supports OpenAPI definition files in JSON or YAML format.

Also with freemium you can lint and audit the OpenAPI file with the API Audit and dynamically scan your API using API Scan

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