Automatic Generation of OpenAPI contracts with API Capture

Automate the manual task of creating OpenAPI contracts with API Capture. API Capture uses multiple sources such as Postman collections and API traffic to create OpenAPI definition files. API Capture is also available on the 42Crunch API Security Platform.

Introduction to API Capture

An introduction to API Capture and an overview of the main elements including the Dashboard, QuickGen, Buckets, Secrets and the OpenAPI Generator.

How to use QuickGen Capture

Build OpenAPI files quickly using Postman collections and / or HAR files as your sources for your API data.

Capture API Traffic in Buckets

How to use Buckets to organize sample traffic into containers from which you can generate your OpenAPI definition file.

How to use the OpenAPI Generator

How to use the advanced automation feature to generate OpenAPI definition files from multiple sources.

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