Hugh Carroll

Hugh leads 42Crunch’s global marketing strategy and works closely with sales, partners, analysts and customers to raise awareness for the company’s API security solutions.

42Crunch recognized as a Microsoft Security Excellence Awards finalist for Security Software Innovator

By Hugh Carroll / March 14, 2023

San Francisco, CA — March 14, 2023.  42Crunch, the Developer-First API Security platform today announced it is a Security Software Innovator award finalist in the Microsoft Security Excellence Awards. The company was honored among a global field of industry leaders that demonstrated success across the security landscape during the past 12 months. Jacques Declas, CEO […]

42Crunch Strengthens Shift-Left for API Security with API Scan from Inside IDE

By Hugh Carroll / September 21, 2022

500,000 API Developers secure APIs as they develop from inside their favorite IDEs 19 September, 2022 – San Francisco, API Specifications Conference (ASC) – 42Crunch, the Developer First API Security platform company, announced today at ASC the availability of the platform’s API Scan service inside the leading IDEs for developers. With over 500,000 developers already […]

Why Developer-First API Security is Prevailing in Enterprise

By Hugh Carroll / March 7, 2022

Why Developer-First API Security is Prevailing in Enterprise. The DevSecOps movement has led to a distinct “shift-left” in the enterprise where tasks are moved earlier in the development cycle so that developers can directly address production concerns as the code is being written. Companies are realizing greater business benefits from this shift-left approach, with accelerated […]

How Developers Can Become API Security Champions

By Hugh Carroll / February 15, 2022

Question: Everyone is talking about DevSecOps, why are we not able to fix the security issues? Despite the obvious challenges, Colin believes that the industry has made progress as compared to ten years ago when very insecure code was prevalent. Today’s code is definitely more secure and security is improving — thankfully most developers are […]

How to test API security throughout the API lifecycle with Postman and 42Crunch

By Hugh Carroll / June 23, 2021

Postman, the API collaboration platform for developers, advocates an API-First approach for companies. Using 42Crunch, API developers and application security teams can now implement API security design and testing as part of their API-First approach in Postman. Kin Lane, chief Evangelist with Postman recently joined Isabelle Mauny, Field CTO at 42Crunch for a webinar to […]

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