42Crunch Strengthens Shift-Left for API Security with API Scan from Inside IDE

500,000 API Developers secure APIs as they develop from inside their favorite IDEs

19 September, 2022 – San Francisco, API Specifications Conference (ASC) – 42Crunch, the Developer First API Security platform company, announced today at ASC the availability of the platform’s API Scan service inside the leading IDEs for developers. With over 500,000 developers already using 42Crunch, this latest addition to the platform means enterprises can further strengthen their shifting of API security as far left as possible into development workflows.

The 42Crunch API Scan is designed to help enterprises develop secure APIs faster, often as part of a DevSecOps approach. Developers can now use the service in their IDE of choice, to scan their API contract code for vulnerabilities and also get seamless fix/remediation advice. This helps save the security teams valuable time during reviews later down the line and avoid costly fixes.

Dale Gardner, Senior Director Analyst – stated in a Hype Cycle report that

API attacks have resulted in an endless stream of data breaches and other security incidents, yielding significant damage to organizations and individuals. As a consequence, DevSecOps teams — along with the business leaders whose applications are supported by APIs — are increasingly interested in API testing and security.”¹

Isabelle Mauny, Field CTO and co-founder of 42Crunch speaking at the ASC 2022 today said,

If enterprises aren’t addressing API security problems during the development workflow and only waiting to deal with them in QA, then it will take longer and cost more to fix these problems. The API Scan from 42Crunch helps security and dev teams reduce the time taken to implement security and accelerate the delivery of new services.

More about API Scan

  • 42Crunch is available for Microsoft Visual Studio, Jetbrains Intellij and Eclipse
  • With automated and guided fixes in-line with code, 42Crunch provides the API context and know-how to apply a fix while keeping you in your IDE.
  • Identify vulnerabilities and get simplified fix advice directly from inside your IDE. 42Crunch API Scan is powered by the 42Crunch Platform Knowledgebase.

API Scan service for the IDE is GA from October 3, 2022 for VS Code and additional platforms later in October.

ASC 2022
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42Crunch provides continuous API security to protect the digital business. Our unique developer-first API security platform enables developers to build and automate security into their API development pipeline and gives security teams full visibility and control of security policy enforcement throughout the API lifecycle. Deployed by Global 2500 enterprises and over 500,000 developers worldwide, 42Crunch enables a seamless DevSecOps experience to reduce governance costs and accelerate the rollout of secure APIs. Visit to learn more and sign up to the industry’s #1 online API Security community newsletter at

About API Specifications Conference
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¹Gartner Hype Cycle for APIs, 2022, Mark O’Neill, John Santoro  Published 10 August 2022 – ID G00770251

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