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VicOne Partners with 42Crunch to Enhance API security for Software Driven Vehicles

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Immediately Block Attacks and Fix Vulnerable APIs
Stop ongoing attacks to vulnerable production APIs. Automate remediation and redeployment of all broken APIs to prevent further outages.

1.2 Million+ Developers

Tens of Millions of API Endpoints Secured

Billions of API Security Audits and Scans

3 of Top 5 Financial Institutions

2 of the Largest Global Telcos

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Enforce Compliance & Achieve Governance
across the API Lifecycle
Automate and scale the enforcement of API security policies across the API lifecycle. Achieve compliance across distributed development and security ecosystems.


Security teams enforce security policy compliance


Remove security bottlenecks and speed up innovation


Remove manual intervention and speed up delivery


Protect 1000s of your APIs from the design to runtime


Shift-Left with API security testing for developers


Proactive security model removes false positives

Helping Security
& Development Teams
The only API security platform that enforces governance and compliance from design to runtime and gives developers the tools to code security from inside the IDE

API Capture automates the generation of OpenAPI contracts and API security testing configurations from Postman collections and API traffic.

    • Free up development teams from time-consuming design and maintenance tasks
    • Automate security test cofigurations
    • Use OpenAPI specification to improve API documentation
    • Capture unknown traffic and reconcile OpenAPI definitions with real traffic to improve governance

API Audit provides instant security scoring for prioritization and remediation advice at design time and API Scan scans the API to ensure conformance to the OpenAPI contract and detect vulnerabilities at both testing time and runtime.
    • 300+ security checks
    • Actionable report with zero false positives
    • Available from IDEs and CI/CD pipelines
    • Instant visibility into API security status
    • Test live endpoints
    • Early identification of OWASP API Security Top 10 issues

API Protect offers runtime API security policy enforcement with a low footprint, containerized micro-API firewall.

    • API Protect is configured in one-click from the API contract
    • The API Contract becomes the white list for security
    • No need to guess via AI/ML which traffic is valid
    • No policies to write

Ready for DevSecOps
Push your OpenAPI definition to your CI/CD pipeline and automatically audit, scan and protect your APIs

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