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Benefits of a Positive Security Model

August 2, 2022 | 10:00 CDT | 16:00 BST

Positive Security is a model that enables access to known trusted resources rather than trying to determine what activity or entities have hostile intent. Applying a positive security model when protecting your APIs can offer direct benefits such as reduction in false negatives, lower reliance on constantly adding characteristics of hostile traffic, and others. It also has indirect benefits for the working groups on your DevSecOps team that allow them to focus and be more efficient in their individual roles.

Join Colin Domoney, Developer Advocate at 42Crunch, and Michael Farnum, CTO at Set Solutions, as they dig into both the direct and indirect benefits of a positive API security model and explain how 42Crunch can apply that model to your APIs.

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Set Solutions, based in Texas, delivers advanced cybersecurity consulting and procurement solutions tailored to Commercial, Enterprise, Government and Educational customers. Their consultative approach aligns the best security solutions – from emerging technologies to best-of-breed technologies with each individual customer’s requirements, creating long-term partnerships focused on building resilient, integrated cybersecurity programs.

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