Community Organization End of Service Notice
Who is affected, what to do and alternative services.

The free community organization on for API security testing will no longer be available after the 31st of July 2024. We will be removing the organization on that date. Users can activate our updated Freemium Audit and Scan services at any time instead - see information below.

What does this mean for you?

This means that any free account in the free community organization will cease to exist after that date and all data will be deleted. This also means that any IDE or CICD tokens generated from the community organization will also cease to work. 

How will this affect free IDE users, POC users, or current customers?

Free users who use the freemium token generated directly in the IDE (not from the community tenant IDE token) can continue to access the freemium services in their IDE (usage limitations apply). POC users and paying customers will not be affected by the change.

What do I need to do before the deprecation date?

  • Make sure to export any OpenAPI definitions from the community organization prior to the 31st of July as all data will be irrevocably deleted after that date.
  • Use our OpenAPI Editor extension in the IDE (VS Code, IntelliJ or Eclipse) to generate a freemium token to ensure continued use our API Security testing tools.

Why is the free community organization being removed?

We have made significant improvements to the freemium services of our API security testing tools in the developer IDEs such as VS Code. Not only have we recently introduced a free version of API Scan but we have also provided users the ability to run both API Audit and API Scan locally. These recent updates are currently in beta, and generous usage allowances are in place for the period of the beta. All users in the free community organization are invited to move to these free versions. 

Additional information

If users would like to chat with one of our presales engineers about any of our paid solutions, contact us