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DevSecOps-API Development

Key to secure API development is to make it easy for development teams to deliver security throughout the SDLC, without ever having to leave their preferred development environment.  Enterprises are increasingly looking to  empower their developers with the right tooling  that allows them to build secure APIs while removing any potential security bottlenecks.

Key elements of secure API development include:

A crucial element of secure APIs is the development process where specifications are transformed into production APIs by developers.

  • Choice of languages, libraries, and frameworks
  • Correct configuration of frameworks to ensure security best practice is followed
  • Defensive coding — do not trust user input, handle all unexpected failures
  • \Use central points of enforcement of authentication and authorization and avoid ‘spaghetti code’

32% of firms admitted to only implementing API security standards in their production environment.

EMA Report: API security Debunking the Myths 2023

How 42Crunch Helps

42Crunch helps developers implement API security best practices where the rubber meets the road, namely inside their favorite IDEs. Our developer-friendly tooling allows the development teams to follow security best practices and avoid introducing vulnerabilities into APIs without having to leave their preferred development environments.

API Scan ensures compliance of the API against the original API contract and dynamically scans the API for security weaknesses. With 42Crunch your developers can spend less time fixing and more time innovating.

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Try API Scan for Free

  • Dynamic runtime testing that simulates real traffic to your API.
  • Tests conformance to the audited OpenAPI Contract.
  • The instant report provides automated and guided fixes in-line with code.

Free Online Audit of Your OpenAPI Contract

  • Check security of your OpenAPI (Swagger) definition file.
  • 300+ audit checks.
  • Instant report in your browser.
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A Blueprint for Success

Understand the API Security maturity model and learn how to build out a successful API Security program for your enterprise.

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