Top API Security Issues Found During POCs

Presented by:

Isabelle Mauny 
Field CTO and Co-founder

Over the past 6 months, we have discovered many similarities across APIs from companies from very different industries. "This is an eye opener" is the most recurring comment from our prospects. We thought it would be worth sharing our findings in this webinar. 

Through a mix of slides and demos, we will describe the top 5 issues our security audit reports, what they are and why they matter, including: 

  • Potentials attacks linked to each issue
  • How they can be remediated
  • Example request/response and reports

Webinar Follow-up

Hope you enjoyed the webinar! Below you can download the slide deck, visit our blog 
for full Q&A and learn more about 42Crunch! 

Top API Security Issues Found During POCs Slide Deck


Top API Security Issues Found During POCs Q&A Blog

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