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Actively Monitor and Defend Your APIs with 42Crunch and the Azure Sentinel Platform

May 4th, 2022 | 8am PST | 4pm BST

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In this webinar 42Crunch and CyberProof demonstrate how to proactively integrate API access logs into the Microsoft Azure Sentinel platform and actively defend APIs with the 42runch API Micro-Firewall

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Webinar Description

APIs are increasingly the number one attack vector for adversaries due to their growing abundance and ease of attack via automated scripts and tools. Most public APIs are under constant attack by skilled human adversaries and growing legions of bots.

Well-designed, secure APIs are critical to mitigating the risk of attack, but it is essential to also actively monitor and defend your APIs - the frontline of your perimeter - via direct integration into SIEM and SOCs. 

This webinar will demonstrate the following:

  • Ingestion of API logs directly into Log Analytics workspaces.
  • Creating basic alerts on common API error conditions.
  • Enrichment of API logs with threat intelligence data i.e. known bad IPs.
  • Detecting attack patterns for common adversarial tools i.e. Kiterunner.
  • Understanding of common bot behaviors and detection techniques.
  • Automated protection of APIs via standard Azure protections i.e. firewall.
Colin Domoney
Saggie Haim

CyberProof is a security services company that intelligently manages an organization’s incident detection and response. Their advanced cyber defense platform enables operational efficiency with complete transparency to dramatically reduce the cost and time needed to respond to security threats and minimize business impact.

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