Integrating 42Crunch API Contract Security Testing within Postman 

Kin Lane, chief Evangelist with Postman recently joined Isabelle Mauny, Field CTO at 42Crunch for a webinar to demonstrate how enterprises are automating the testing of API security for all their APIs.

42Crunch complements Postman by providing additional capabilities to audit OpenAPI definitions, and discovering potential flaws in the security design of the APIs and data flows. Listen to this on-demand webinar to understand how to get the best out of 42Crunch and Postman to:

  • Develop your APIs, mock and test them
  • Leverage 42Crunch’s public collection to easily execute security audit from Postman UI
  • Automate 42Crunch tools in CI/CD at design time

Webinar Follow-up

Hope you enjoyed the webinar! Below you can download Q1 2021 breaches summary, visit our blog 
for full Q&A and learn more about 42Crunch! 

 Dissecting Biggest API 
Breaches of Q1 2021 


42Crunch OWASP API Top10 Protection Matrix


42Crunch API Security 
Platform Data Sheet

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