42Crunch API Security Platform June 2021 Release

Our June 2021 update just went live, and I am here to tell you the details.

Executive Dashboards

The most noticeable change in the user interface is the new organization-level executive dashboard. It allows organization administrators to get a quick glance at the corporate use of 42Crunch API Security and the trends across Security Audit, Conformance Scan, and Protection:

You may choose the time period for the trends and use the filters to drill down to a subset of your projects.

If you are using an individual account, please contact us to get upgraded to an organization one to get access to the feature.

null support for OpenAPI v2

Null support for JSON schemas has only been added to the OpenAPI standard in version 3 via the nullable keyword.

For our customers who have to stay on OpenAPI v2 but need that support, we have introduced our own custom extension x-nullable. This allows such companies to get support for types that may have null as their value even if they are on OpenAPI v2.

For companies on OpenAPI v3, we recommend using the native keyword instead.

Custom quality gates and project exclusions in 42Crunch SonarQube plugin

Our SonarQube plugin now allows to define custom quality gates (success and failure criteria):

Plus, we’ve added the ability to exclude certain projects from OpenAPI Security Audit tests:

AWS Fargate and CloudFormation templates and deployment guide for API Firewall

AWS Fargate is now one of the officially documented and support deployment environments for our API Firewall component.

See our Protection documentation for the links to the sample resources and deployment guides that include Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate, Generic Kubernetes, Kubernetes with Helm Charts, Google Kubernetes Engine, Azure Kubernetes Services.

If your deployment environment is not one of these, please contact your 42Crunch account manager or our tech support, and we will provide you with guidance specific to your situation.

And much more

See our release notes for the full list of new features and improvements, as well as known issues, and scan and protection docker image information.