Two-Part Webinar Series

Review of the Major API Breaches from H1 2022 – Episode 1

June 21, 2022


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This is a two-part webinar series on the global API breaches from H1 2022 that made the news. This first session describes the breaches at a high level and the second episode describes how to defend against them.

Episode 1: High profile API security breaches and how the vulnerability occurred

As APIs become the preferred attack vector for attackers there has been an inevitable rise in the number of API-related breaches and vulnerabilities. Join Colin Domoney (42Crunch security researcher and curator of the newsletter) to understand the root causes of some recent API vulnerabilities making the news. This first part of this webinar series will illuminate how easily APIs can be compromised, leading to a potentially devastating impact on organizations. Join Colin as he covers the following topics:

    • Understanding of how the vulnerability occurred, and the potential impact.
    • A detailed look at the underlying OWASP API security Top 10 flaw.


Colin Domoney BW
Colin Domoney

Developer Advocate & API
Security Researcher


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APIs are the core building block of every enterprise’s digital strategy, yet they are also the number one attack surface for hackers. 42Crunch makes developers’ and security practitioners' lives easier by protecting APIs, with a platform that automates security into the API development pipeline and gives full oversight of security policy enforcement at every stage of the API lifecycle.

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