NEWS adds API Security issues and a free API Contract Security Audit service

LONDON, UK, February 13, 2019 — API Contract Security Audit is a free online tool that lets developers and security professionals upload their OpenAPI definition files and get a detailed security assessment on the potential risks that their APIs might have. Each issue in the report shows the specific place in the API contract that may cause trouble, provides details on the potential exploit scenario, and shows recommendations on how to improve the API definition to mitigate the risk.

“There is much talk recently about “shifting left” in security – to start vulnerability testing at an earlier stage of the development lifecycle. With the OpenAPI Contract Audit tool from 42Crunch, you can test your API even before it’s been created, quickly investigating potential security issues and getting actionable recommendations for fixing them. Can you go more left than that?” says Alexei Balaganski, Lead Analyst at KuppingerCole Analysts AG.

API Security Encyclopedia is a free online resource with almost 200 articles on potential API security risks, possible exploit scenarios, and recommendations on how to mitigate the risks.

Alexei Balaganski adds: “Perhaps the biggest obstacle for companies towards adopting API security best practices is not knowing they are doing something wrong at all. What they need is a clear and concise guide outlining typical API-related anti-patterns, demonstrating their security risks and offering proven methods of mitigating them. 42crunch’s recently launched API Security Encyclopedia is exactly that and already shows great potential for all API developers”.

“42Crunch launched in October 2018,” says Dmitry Sotnikov, VP of Cloud Platform at 42Crunch. “It has become a popular source of API security news and information, with more than a thousand subscribers to its weekly newsletter. Now, we are extending the usefulness of this community site by putting some of the most valuable know-how and technology of 42Crunch on this site for the community to use. Our mission is to share knowledge with the community and help everyone make their APIs secure.”

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Founded in London, UK, with offices in Dublin (Ireland), Montpellier (France) and Irvine (California), 42Crunch is known for launching the first API Firewall on the market, and provides a security platform that automatically generates and enforces risk-based security policies on enterprises’ APIs. The cloud solution addresses the most demanding API security requirements for enterprises around the world. 42Crunch API Platform also fosters the collaboration of security, development, and operations teams, and enables a DevSecOps approach to API lifecycle. Visit to learn more.

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