VS Code OpenAPI (Swagger) Editor Surpasses 100k Installs!

Our OpenAPI (Swagger) Editor for VS Code has reached over 100,000 installs!

A year ago we released our VS Code OpenAPI (Swagger) Editor with the idea of making developers lives EASIER when it came to editing security in their OpenAPI / Swagger files. This month we surpassed 100k installs and wanted to say THANK YOU!!


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How it works…

Developers working on their APIs within 42Crunch’s VS Code extension simply have to click the Security Audit button at the top right of the window to run a remote service that will audit the API contract against 200+ various checks for API security best practices and possible vulnerabilities; including authentication, authorization, transport, data inputs and outputs.

The results are presented as an actionable Security Audit report. Each vulnerability is also underlined in the code and added to the IDE’s Problems panel. The tool provides an explanation, possible exploit scenario, and fix recommendations.




What people are saying…


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