WEBINAR: Are You Properly Using JWTs?

JSON Web tokens (JWTs) are used massively in API-based applications as access tokens or to transport information across services. Unfortunately, JWT are often mis-used and incorrectly handled. Massive data breaches have occurred in the last 18 months due to token leakage and lack of proper of validation.

This session focuses on best practices and real world examples of JWT usage, where we cover:

  • Typical scenarios where using JWT is a good idea
  • Typical scenarios where using JWT is a bad idea!
  • Principles of Zero trust architecture and why you should always validate
  • Best practices to thoroughly validate JWTs and potential vulnerabilities if you don’t.
  • Use cases when encryption may be required for JWT



To view all the Q&A and slide deck, please visit: https://42crunch.com/webinar-questions-jwt


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