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REST API Risk Audit – Online Demo

By 42Crunch Training / July 28, 2022

In this session, 42Crunch technical expert, Andy Wright, walks through how to perform a Security Audit and a Conformance Scan of your API Contract. He immediately builds a security report and calculates an audit score for each API he analyzes based on the OpenAPI annotations in the API definition. This audit score reflects the risk associated with exposing the APIs, internally and externally.

API Security Platform Overview

By 42Crunch Training / June 30, 2020

Overview of the 42Crunch API Security platform showing the dashboard, main API Security features, basic navigation and API collections.

OpenAPI (Swagger) Security Audit on the 42Crunch Platform

By 42Crunch Training / June 8, 2020

Shows how to import the OpenAPI (Swagger) definition file, run the security audit and view the security report.

BitBucket Pipelines API Security Audit Extension

By 42Crunch Training / June 8, 2020

Learn how to add API security Audit extension in the BitBucket Pipelines CI/CD and run the API Audit.

OpenAPI (Swagger) Security Audit Report Explained

By 42Crunch Training / June 7, 2020

Explains the Security Audit Report including the Audit Score, how to navigate the report, the use of filters and how to get remediation advice on each security issue.

Fixing API Security Issues identified in the Audit Report

By 42Crunch Training / May 31, 2020

This tutorial illustrates how to fix issues found in the API security audit and shows you how to iteratively update your OpenAPI definition.

API Security Testing with API Scan

By 42Crunch Training / May 30, 2020

An overview of API Scan, how to generate the security report that detects security misconfigurations between your API and the API definition

API Protect Micro API Firewall

By 42Crunch Training / May 29, 2020

An overview of API protect – a Micro-Firewall that provides runtime API security protection and policy enforcement and how to set it up.

API Protect Micro API Firewall Reports and Troubleshooting

By 42Crunch Training / May 28, 2020

Learn how to read the API Protect reports, view transaction logs, lookup details on specific errors, enable non blocking mode and use the security dashboard.

OpenAPI Swagger Editor Extension in VS Code

By 42Crunch Training / May 1, 2020

In this tutorial we show you how to create a new OpenAPI file in Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VS Code) using the 42Crunch OpenAPI Editor and go through some of the useful features in the editor.

API Security Audit using OpenAPI Swagger Editor Extension in VS Code

By 42Crunch Training / May 1, 2020

Tutorial on how to run the 42Crunch API security audit from the OpenAPI (Swagger) Editor extension in VS Code and how to navigate the report.

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